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Camp Kernow 2017

Day 3 - Friday 14th July
Children all very well behaved again during the night. A yummy breakfast of French toast and cereal and we are now off to do some shelter buildings in the woods. 
We should be back to school by 1:45ish
See you soon!!
9.30pm   This evening we have eaten a delicious dinner of bangers and mash (cooked by the children again), had a visit and informative talk from a man who looks after poorly bats and now we are drinking hot choccie and eating biscuits around the campfire before bed.
Nearly time to catch some zzzzz's
Hairdo's for Mrs Rickard & Lerryn too!!  
These boys visited Miss Daw's hairdressers and are setting a new trend!! :-)
A fantastic day of climbing, animal tracking and playing.
10.00am    We are really excited for more activities today.  This morning we are finishing off our activities from yesterday.  
This afternoon we are climbing and then animal tracking.
The children are really enjoying the ethos of the camp.  They have shown great understanding of 'off-grid' living and the way that the camp sustains itself.  Such great lessons in life to experience.  
The message is 'take what you need, and no more'
DAY 2 - Thursday 13th July
What an amazing bunch of Yr 2s.  No wake ups during the night and all children stayed in their tents until 7.00am.
Breakfast is being prepared.  The children have been to the allotment and pancakes and fruit are in progress.......
11.00pm    Camp Kernow is quiet!!   All asleep..... zzzzZZZZZZ
9.00pm      Well we didn't find a bear...... but we found a storyteller in the woods!
He has been telling us all about the ancient stories of the woods and the trees.  
Very exciting! and now it's nearly time for bed
Ready and excited for our woodland walk.  I wonder what we will find?  
'We're going on a bear hunt...... we're going to catch a BIG one!!
7.00pm        Wow what a fun time these Yr 2's are having at Camp Kernow.
They have been really busy preparing food for their dinner.  All the food has been picked from the allotment and prepared by the children.   Just amazing!!
4.00pm    Everyone is enjoying the afternoon activities here at Camp Kernow....Archery, Fire lighting and natural dyeing.
2.10pm    These are our tents!!
DAY 1  -     Wednesday 12th July
11.00am    Yr 2 campers have all arrived safely at CAMP KERNOW!  Now waiting for our guides to meet us for the walk to camp.