Spring Term 1 2020

Spring 1 has been a busy half term with lots of new learning opportunities.
At the start of the year we reflected on our achievements and then set new goals by making a new years resolution. 
In Literacy, we have learnt the story 'Meerkat Mail' by using actions and talking the story to help us remember the events. We performed our story in our X-Factor assembly and came second - we were delighted and proud. We learnt about the features of a wishing tale and then used the Meerkat mail story to help us innovate and then invent our own stories.
Having had 'Sunny' the Meerkat as our main character, we went on to learn about non-fiction texts. We learnt facts about Meerkats and also Camels. We then created an animal fact file; organising the facts by using sub-titles. 
In Literacy, we have also been focusing on improving our letter formation and presentation, listening for each sound in words and not being tricked by tricky red words! We have also learnt how to re-read our writing and make attempts to fix and improve any mistakes.
In our Maths learning, we have mainly been focusing on the value of two-digit numbers within 50. We have partitioned the numbers in to tens and ones and then progressed to comparing different values. We have enjoyed using the dienes and ones resources, counters, numicon and the 100 square to support us with our learning.
In Science, we have learnt about the main parts of a human body, the 5 senses and the body parts that use them, what the body needs to grow and how to look after our bodies to keep them healthy. We have loved learning about our body and are excited to learn about animals after half term.
During PSHE, we have learnt about the internet and how to keep ourselves safe online. We produced posters to give advice and discussed how we would respond to different tricky situations involving the internet.
In Computing, we have learnt how to turn a laptop on and off, write on a keyboard and draw using the mouse. We used the iPads to take a photograph, change the font, colour and size and instruct the device to print a document.
In History, we have been learning about the history of our school. We asked questions to Miss Evans and recorded the answers from the information that we gained. We observed the changes in the school building and used pictures from the past to support our learning. In Geography, we have been learning about the geography of our school and have produced an internal and external map. 
We have had a very busy and fun half term with lots more learning to come next half term :)