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Week ending 20th October 2017

This week in Porthcothan we were very excited by the stormy weather, so for maths we went outside and felt the elements and used the autumn leaves to help with addition. We collected two lots of leaves and then added them together to find the whole:

“2 parts make a whole” remembered Jessica. Marlee told us that “we have to add them together!”.We were also putting the biggest number in our head and counting forwards to find the total (whole).


In Literacy, we added to our Autumn word bank and ‘magpied’ some adjectives from poems to help us create our own verse.

We focused on using an adjective to describe what we see, hear, feel and taste during Autumn.The poems created and written beautifully are ready for display so you can enjoy and see them too.


The end of the week was very exciting as we all prepared for the disco-the children thoroughly enjoyed the chance to dress up and have a boogie. Congratulations Elizabeth who was awarded the best girl dancer in key stage 1!