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Autumn 2 -2019

What a busy half term we have had!
The children have really enjoyed our Light and Dark Topic. We have talked a lot about where light comes from, what we use it for and carried out science experiments to investigate it. Light has linked to lots of our other topics such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, Autumn days, what animals do at night, and Christingle and Christmas. We have discussed how light is used to celebrate many religious festivals and we made our own Diva lamps for Diwali. The children enjoyed our dark den and learning about colour, light sources and reflection in mirrors. We carried out a science experiment to think about how shadows are made. The children made shadow puppets and shone a light at them to see the shape of the shadow. We then punched holes into the puppets and found that the light went through the holes and changed the shadow. The children have learnt that a shadow occurs when an object blocks the light. 
Daya came to visit the children to help us understand the Hindu religion and the Indian culture. We thought a lot about similarities and differences between ourselves and Indian people. We talked about Diwali, Hindu Gods and Prayer and how to meditate. The children were able to dress in traditional clothing, learn some Indian dances and even try some traditional Indian cookery. It was a fantastic day filled with both fun and learning.  
In Maths this half term we have been working hard to recognise numbers and to count carefully. The children have looked at different techniques for counting and which they prefer. We thought carefully about how and why it is important to count accurately. We have practiced matching the correct numeral to quantity of objects with various activities. We have also started to learn how to count in 10's and learn double and half number facts. 
We have learnt how to name and describe 2D shapes this half term and the children have used shapes for a variety of activities. The children thought about different ways to sort the shapes, for example by size, number of sides, straight or curved sides etc. We have thought about making patterns and have also learnt to code these. For example an AB pattern with coloured beads would be blue red blue red blue red etc. An AB pattern with shapes would be square, circle, square, circle etc. We also looked at coding more complicated patterns such as ABC, AABBC, ABBA etc. The children enjoyed practicing these patterns with beads, blocks, shapes and pegs and are growing in confidence to code these. 
We have also been measuring in Maths. We have measured each other with blocks thinking about taller and shorter. We also measured objects around the room. The children ordered different length bits of string from longest to shortest and used the strings to measure objects around the room. 
The children have been growing in confidence with their writing and applying their phonics skills. We have written firework words for our Bonfire Night display, practiced writing CVC words and putting them into sentences and finally written letters to Father Christmas. All the children are confident to have a go and are not afraid to make mistakes, which is exactly the right attitude they need. They are holding their pencil with control and working hard on their letter formation. We have been busy learning The Three Little Pigs story and now perform it with confidence and accuracy. They are also using the story language in their play.
The children finished the year with our Nativity performance. The children performed this beautifully to an audience of parents and relatives and then again a week later to the whole school. All the children showed real confidence and sang our songs with enthusiasm.