Happy Half Term. Have fun with friends and families. See you all safely back to school on Monday 3rd June 2019.

April 2019

Although we have had the Easter holidays in this month, we have still been very busy and have lots of exciting things to share.
The whole school have been learning about geography so we thought about the town where we live and come to school. The week started with a visit from the town mayor. We then decided to walk to the local church for a visit. We walked from the school to the church, looking carefully at the shops and features we passed. At the church we were able to go into the bell tower and watch the bell ringers at work. We learnt a lot about the bells and how they ring. It was very exciting to listen to. We could even see the bells in the laptop so we understood what was happening to the bells above our heads. We then looked around the church and learnt about why Christians take communion, how they are Christened and the story of the last super linked to Easter. We looked closely at the different features of the church.
We had a parents open afternoon that was very well attended. The main focus was Geography. It was lovely to see so many parents. We made a large 3D map of the town, using junk modeling for the buildings, the park and the town pump. The church was very spectacular!
Other activities consisted of colourful decorations of the Cornish map, designing a park, building the church with blocks and making their house with Lego. 
We finished the afternoon with a performance of our story. 
Please also see the link below for this terms curriculum news letter.