Thank you to all parents and carers for your support this year. We wish you all a very happy Summer. Make some special memories. School re-opens for the beginning of term on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

Wk ending 29th June 2018

Today we have been learning about what trade is and how the United Kingdom imports and exports items from around the world. Our class considered what fair trade represents and how this impacts countries from all over the world. In order to fully understand how trade can be unfair, the children participated in a trading game. Each group had to make and sell shapes to a specific size. However, there was a twist. Some groups could use more paper, while other groups couldn’t use scissors or rulers to measure and cut out their shapes. Very quickly, the class understood how sometimes trade can be unfair. After this, all groups were given the same amount of equipment and were challenged to make the most money. The effort from all the groups was incredible and everyone enjoyed the game. Please take a look at some photos from our lesson below.