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Our Eco Council

What does ‘Eco’ mean?
Eco is an abbreviation (shortened version) of the word ecology. When we talk about eco education or anything involving the word eco, we are referring to ecology.

Scientists who work in ecology are called ecologists. Ecologists examine how living things depend on one another, and their environment, for survival. They also study how living things use such natural resources as air, soil, and water to stay alive.
Why is it important?
We need to maintain and preserve the delicate ecological balance of the planet before our impact on it is too damaging to fix.

The Eco Committee aims to:
Improve sustainability in our school, enhance respect for the school environment and educate the school community on the benefits of being more environmentally friendly, through a whole school approach.

By doing this the committee aims to achieve the Eco Schools Bronze Flag Award for environmental efforts.

Our Eco School team for 2015-16:


Class 3:          Jack Mace & Rosa Clark

Class 4:          Isabelle Downes & Joshua Bazeley

Class 5:          Harry Johnson & Rosie Johns

Class 6:          Lily Milnes-Barker & James Elkins

Class 7:          Emily Barlow & Max Pope

Class 8:          Alex Applewhite & Jessica Mills

Class 9:          Mawgan Twinney-Roche & Olivia Coomer

Class 10:        Owen Maule & Evie Bray

Class 11:        Harvey Brough & Chidimma Moses

Class 12:        Jonathan Duffield & Jessie Parkyn

Class 13:        Finn Deveson & Jowan Karande

Eco-Schools Committee update

The Eco-Schools Committee have recently carried out an environmental review of our school and have made a number of fantastic suggestions of how we can become even greener!

Fruit and vegetable waste bins for every class in key stage 1. These are emptied into the composter every week.

New recycling wheelie bins with weighted lids. The committee were keen to recycle more and also reduce the amount of litter that gets blown around on the playground. The children have commented that this has had an immediate effect

Bug hotel. A bug hotel has been built on the school field to encourage more insects to our grounds and enhance the biodiversity of the area. It still needs more work, so please feel free to add more things such as sticks, leaves, bark and grass next time you are on the field.

If you have any ideas of how to make our school greener, please speak to one of your class Eco-Schools representatives.