In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Numbers Day

Week Ending 2nd February
Congratulations to our award winners Stacey-Lee and Taylor. Well deserved.
We have had an exciting week. We have been following and writing instructions in Literacy. We have created our won instructions to create a magical vehicle with some awesome creations being invented!
During maths we have measured time including o'clocks, half past, quarter past and to the hour and then trying to tell time on an analogue clock at 5 minute intervals. Plenty of practice at home please!
Our studies on Eric Joyner are going well, as are our study of rocks and their properties.
Numbers Day!
What a wonderful collection of numbers we welcomed into Great Western Class! From 007 to 118 118 we had great fun. Throughout the day we investigated the number of smarties there were in tube of smarties and what colour they were. We collected and recorded the information in the form of tally charts and then bar graphs. Naturally when all the work was completed, we ate the smarties.
We also investigated our numbers and those within the class challenging our minds to use all 4 operations and double checking through using inverse operations.