Day of Action for Climate Change Parents and pupils may be aware that Friday 20th September will mark another day of global action and protest, to raise awareness and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding global Climate Change. Kernow Learning Trust recognises the vital importance of educating our pupils about the developing climate emergency, and have committed as a Trust to ensuring that all of our schools work to ensure that our pupils know that they are Global Citizens with a responsibility for our global environment. Every school in the Trust has a ‘Global Learning’ Leader and all schools are currently engaging in training to deliver ‘Global Learning’ to their staff. We cannot encourage pupils to be absent from school on this Friday, due to our duty of care for our pupils, but we have decided to enable pupils to show their solidarity with the Climate Change movement through a series of initiatives in our schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Our schools will teach more about the challenges that we face through issues such as plastic pollution, recycling and saving energy. We are very proud to have Eden as a member of our Trust and so consideration of the challenges that will face our children’s generation, and how they can influence future developments through their actions is never far from our Trust discussions.

May 2019

It has been an Egyptian kind of term for us in Tolcarne with many activities focused on our History theme. In the first week we started with some DT and designed a Canopic Jar. We researched how they should look and chose a selection that we liked the most. 
We made the jars out of air dry clay and decorated them in gold and blue. We selected an Egyptian God to represent the head on the top of our jars. It was more difficult to do than it looked.
Here are some photos of our Design and Make experience using clay to make Canopic Jars. There are also some images of our evaluations. 
We had an amazing time on our Ancient Egyptian Day. We dressed up in costume and used the green screen to take images of each of us on different backgrounds. We chose images of the tombs and pyramids. We enjoyed posing in different Egyptian positions. 
As part of our homework we have been asked to make a pyramid. We could choose to do this as we wished. We have had some amazing designs, including three cakes! Thank you to Erin, Emma and Bella for their delicious pyramids.
Our most exciting activity this month was our visit from The Flying Fish Company. The company are local and based in Indian Queens. We were fortunate enough to have David and Caroline come in on our Egyptian Day to help us mummify some fish!
David gave a talk about where the fish comes from, how many fish are caught and about sustainability of the fish in our oceans. We were then shown how to gut and fillet a mackerel. It was very interesting. Many of us had not experienced this before.
After our demonstration we had the chance to gut and prepare our own fish. In pairs we took out the insides of the fish and put it into our canopic jars - just like the Egyptians did, we then washed and salted the fish, wrapping them in bandages. It was a smelly, sticky job that some of us struggled to stomach!
Look at the expressions on our faces...we will not forget this lesson in a hurry!
We had a visit from the Plymouth Argyle Youth Coaches this month. We had a short training session where the class had to control the ball into four separate zones and back using different footballing techniques. We had to use both feet, move at different paces and stop and turn with the ball. 
We now have the opportunity to join the Plymouth Argyle Training Sessions on a Friday after school. 
We have been taking our learning outdoors this term. Our Maths unit on angles worked well as an outdoor lesson using maps of the world with a plotted journey from city to city across the world. We used a 360 degree protractor to measure the angles between the cities. 
We worked in peer learning to help each other as we worked. We all agreed that working outside was more relaxing and better for our well-being.
We have been helping to train Poppy our Therapy Dog. Poppy comes into school each week to work and support children who need it. We have been training her to give cuddles by putting a small treat on our shoulders and encouraging her to lean into us to have the treat. Poppy is very quick to learn and enjoys all of our attention. We worked in small groups so as not to overwhelm Poppy. It was lovely to have such a special time with an animal in school. Poppy is very good at her job because we all felt better after seeing her!