Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

March 2019

We have had another fantastic month in Pentire class with plenty of fun and active learning taking place. In particular, we really enjoyed British Science Week and the opportunity to show off our scientific knowledge. The children were delighted to welcome Marcia to our class who shared her fabulous knowledge of all things space and the solar system. The children then planned their own journey to Mars and were very enthusiastic about what they would need to complete the journey. Thank you from Pentire class to Marcia for helping, we really enjoyed the day. In addition, the children created and tested their own paper airplanes, designed and set off their own rockets and even created a scale model of the solar system, measuring the distances between the planets using toilet paper! It’s never a dull day in Year 6!


In Maths this month, we have been learning how to express formulas algebraically and solve problems. The children have now moved onto measurement, learning the following: converting units of measure, area, perimeter, area of triangles and parallelograms and volume. To help us remember the definition of perimeter, we walked the perimeter of the playground, enjoying the fresh air during our Maths lesson!


In English, we have moved on to persuasive letters, immersing ourselves in the language of persuasion. We have looked at what language devices we use in persuasive letters ready for our writing tasks in the upcoming weeks: writing a letter to NASA persuading them to let us travel to a faraway planet.


With the weather beginning to improve, we have been making the most of the great weather in PE. Both Year 6 classes finished this month with a teamwork challenge: design an obstacle course! We had a marvelous time navigating the obstacle courses in the sunshine. We look forward to another month of exciting learning and, of course, the Easter holidays!