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March 2019

March Madness!
In Towan we have had an amazing month with so many exciting learning opportunities.
We have been participating in Outdoor Learning and have been taking our lessons out into the natural environment to experience nature and concentrate on not only our learning objectives but also our well being.
We have been playing barefoot football with a soft sponge ball where only the girls are allowed to score. We enjoyed making journey sticks during Science Week and wrote about how the Aboriginal people would document their wanderings with stick stories. We have made kites in Forest School and have experienced meditation outdoors. Our class can meditate, focused and still for nearly 25 minutes!
We have been working on natural art and have used the outdoor area to investigate how to create colours and shade with plants and earth in the environment. We mixed up some mud paint and used it to decorate patterns on ourselves and our friends. It was interesting to see the effects we could produce. We laughed a lot during this activity which is also very good for our well-being.
We had the most amazing visit from the Royal Shakespeare Company based at the Minack Theatre this month. We we learning all about the story of Macbeth (we are a dark lot!) It was incredible to see the process that the actors go through to learn their parts and all the actions, stage directions and challenging language. We loved rehearsing and performing together. We made a video to show how dramatic and effective our performances were. The actors told us that we were a very positive and talented bunch who were a pleasure to work with! 
We celebrated St. Piran's Day with a History topic based on Cornish Heritage. We we studying Smugglers and Wreckers. We were all surprised and shocked to hear how incredibly poor the people were in the past and how they had to salvage and sell as much as they could to survive. There were accounts of people from St. Columb being involved in moving goods through the county to Jamaica Inn. We also learnt about the traditions of the local people and why so much smuggling was allowed to go in local areas. 
We painted Wrecking Scenes of ships being sunk by lights on the cliffs. Have a look and see how we got on.
Year 5 Camp!
The end of March was the most exciting week of all. We went on the Source to Sea camp. We started in Lostwithiel and travelled all the way down the Fowey River. It was absolutely perfect weather and we all paddled for 5 hours through the meandering river as it made it's way south to the sea.
We watched as the river changed from high banks, to sand banks, to coves and on to the harbour where jetties and boats of all shapes and sizes are made and mended and sailed. We also saw some other unexpected sights. We saw an Adder Sanctuary, a recording studio and a China Clay Plant. 
On the second day we walked across Bodmin Moor. We were looking for the source of the River Fowey. We saw the tiny stream as it began and made it's way through the open landscape. There were many different animals and tracks, fields and moorlands to see. We found lots of different bones of animals too. Simon, our instructor, told us all the stories about the Beast of Bodmin Moor. We were fascinated by the idea of a huge black cat roaming the moor and asked many questions about how it could survive.