Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

March 2019

It's been a  busy exciting month in Year 2!
We have been learning how to write letters. We've used the John Lewis advert 'The Man on the Moon' as a stimulus. We wrote to him asking questions then pretended we were him to reply to ourselves.  We have made sure that we set our letters out properly by writing our school address in the top right hand corner, followed by the date. We then started our  letters formally with Dear... and finished them From...
This was all leading up to writing letters to the Royal Family! We decided as we have learnt all about Hurling in our topic that we would share this knowledge with The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall. We planned our information about Hurling and the questions that we would like to ask the Royal Family and then we wrote them in our very best handwriting! We are very excited about going to the Post Office to post them next week and will eagerly await our replies.
At the beginning of the month it was St Piran's day, Shrove Tuesday and Hurling day all on the same day - 5th March!  We made St Piran's Flags in the morning in Maths measuring the white strips to go across and down the middle. Then we went outside measuring how far we could throw a ball like we were hurling. We also measured different parts of our body discovering that our arm span is very similar if not the same as our height and our foot is the measurement from our elbow to our wrist! In the afternoon we listened to a Hurling song and made our Hurling balls out of tinfoil. They were fantastic. We then went into the hall and  played a mini game of Hurling - of course not quite as rough as the real thing though!
Between all of this we have also enjoyed Science Week based around journeys. We made and tested paper helicopters and planes to see how well they flew and what made them fly better. We also went over to our Forest School area exploring what is under our feet when we travel walking everyday and we made journey sticks too. To protect the bugs under our feet we made some superb bug homes too.