Day of Action for Climate Change Parents and pupils may be aware that Friday 20th September will mark another day of global action and protest, to raise awareness and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding global Climate Change. Kernow Learning Trust recognises the vital importance of educating our pupils about the developing climate emergency, and have committed as a Trust to ensuring that all of our schools work to ensure that our pupils know that they are Global Citizens with a responsibility for our global environment. Every school in the Trust has a ‘Global Learning’ Leader and all schools are currently engaging in training to deliver ‘Global Learning’ to their staff. We cannot encourage pupils to be absent from school on this Friday, due to our duty of care for our pupils, but we have decided to enable pupils to show their solidarity with the Climate Change movement through a series of initiatives in our schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Our schools will teach more about the challenges that we face through issues such as plastic pollution, recycling and saving energy. We are very proud to have Eden as a member of our Trust and so consideration of the challenges that will face our children’s generation, and how they can influence future developments through their actions is never far from our Trust discussions.

March 2019

We have been very busy this month with our topic all about Spring.
We conducted an experiment over a couple of weeks using cress to see what conditions are necessary for plants to grow. We put some on the windowsill with water; some on the windowsill with no water; some in the fridge; and some in the cupboard.
Over time we proved that seeds and plants do indeed need water, light and warmth to grow properly - the ones in the dark did grow but too fast and were very thin and weak; the ones in the fridge barely started to germinate; and the ones with no water did nothing at all!
We also planted beans and watched them grow in transparent containers so we could see the root development and then the shoots grow up through the soil.
We later undertook an observed drawing of a daffodil. The children looked really closely as they drew. Some of the finished artwork is amazing. If you come to the Parent Open Afternoon on Thursday 4th April you will be able to see them all on display.
Our PE  has been building on balances by combining them with rolls in balance-roll-balance, holding each balance for a 5 count. Then we extended this to balancing on benches/beams, wide to start with and then narrow. It took a lot of concentration. We also practised how to jump and land safely from the benches as later we will be jumping from higher apparatus.
Maths has included: estimating amounts; learning number pairs to 10; weighing & balancing objects and ordering them by weight; and investigating time - days of the week, months of the year, the seasons and o'clock times.
We have been writing about our bean planting and learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk - though ours never grew that big! We also wrote about the story trying to put the events in order - first, next, finally. And all the time there has been a lot of independent writing taking place.
We joined the school in celebrating Science Week when we especially studied floating & sinking, predicting what we thought different objects would do and then testing and recording the results. We built boats and predicted and tested what would happen to them in water. We also ran cars down a ramp to see how far they would roll. The angle that worked best surprised all the children - steeper is not necessarily better!
Our weekly library sessions are going really well - the children love going and changing their books.
And the music we do each Wednesday is also going well. See the video below!