Day of Action for Climate Change Parents and pupils may be aware that Friday 20th September will mark another day of global action and protest, to raise awareness and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding global Climate Change. Kernow Learning Trust recognises the vital importance of educating our pupils about the developing climate emergency, and have committed as a Trust to ensuring that all of our schools work to ensure that our pupils know that they are Global Citizens with a responsibility for our global environment. Every school in the Trust has a ‘Global Learning’ Leader and all schools are currently engaging in training to deliver ‘Global Learning’ to their staff. We cannot encourage pupils to be absent from school on this Friday, due to our duty of care for our pupils, but we have decided to enable pupils to show their solidarity with the Climate Change movement through a series of initiatives in our schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Our schools will teach more about the challenges that we face through issues such as plastic pollution, recycling and saving energy. We are very proud to have Eden as a member of our Trust and so consideration of the challenges that will face our children’s generation, and how they can influence future developments through their actions is never far from our Trust discussions.

June 2019

Year 4 have been learning about living things as part of their topic ‘Into the Wild’. We decided to go to the beach to have some hands-on experience looking at the rockpool creatures.
We loved the rockpooling, finding all sorts of different crabs, some sandeels (a small fish that is very thin and long), some small invertebrates called chiton that can roll into a ball when threatened, lots of beadlet anemones and a strawberry anemone. Anemones are very territorial, they have stinging cells that they can use when another anemone is trying to invade its space. We also saw lots of shelled creatures such as dog whelks which have a very strong tongue called a radula which drills into mussel shells to eat the mussels.
Alongside these wonderful finds whilst rock pooling we had fun making some beach art in our groups, we had turtles, mermaids, boats, sharks, dolphins sculpted out of the sand and other beach materials were used for decoration such as seaweed for magical mermaid hair.
The other activity we tried was making a sundial out of sand and a long rock. The long rock was placed on the top to cast a shadow onto the sand underneath. We told the time at mid day and predicted where the shadow would be an hour later.
All in all we had a very exciting and interesting day where we learnt lots about the living things in rockpools.