Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

January 2019

The start of a new year prompted us to reflect on our learning so far in Year One and discuss our next steps
" I have tried hard with my writing" Rosie
" I need to focus on writing 's' the right way round" Scarlet
" I am going to use my word-mat more to help me with red words" Grace
" I am going to use the working wall to help write my numbers correctly" Michael
" I am going to try hard to persevere when learning gets tricky" Marley
Along with our new focuses, we began learning a new text called 'Meerkat Mail'. The journey story has been learnt using actions to help us remember each part of the story. Sunny visits a new habitat on each day of the week so it has been a great opportunity to help us remember the order and how to spell the days of the week.
We discovered that Meerkats are sociable animals who belong to the Mongoose family; we made our own meerkats to create a Porthcothan Meerkat family. We have loved exploring the text through making initial predictions, noticing the layout of postcards, ordering the events and writing our own journey story where Sunny visited different places. We have now started to focus our learning on non-fiction. We are using what we know about Meerkats already to research more about them. We have been using our research to plan a Meerkat fact-file.
The children are continuing to work with great effort in Read Write Inc. They are learning and reviewing sounds which can be seen in writing and are helping with reading. There has been fantastic progress already this term- Well done Porthcothan!
In Science this term we have been learning about 'animals including humans' with a focus on humans. We have identified parts of the body and how they help us to do everyday tasks. We have considered how important the 5 senses are and how some people have extra challenges if they do not have all 5 senses that work properly. We will be using our knowledge to work scientifically through a scientific investigation. 
In Geography we have been learning about the 5 oceans of the world, the 7 continents on our planet earth, the United Kingdom and its countries as well as the flags. We have discussed continents, countries, counties, cities, towns and villages and how they are different. We have explored near and far away towns and cities and specifically learnt about how London differs to Cornwall. We wrote a letter to children in London asking questions about what it is like to live in London and to tell them what we do and enjoy in Cornwall. 
As a school, we considered and discussed what makes our school special. Porthcothan had lots to share:
" We work together to help us learn" Ky
" We get to have fun clubs and toys to play with at lunchtimes" Harmony
" In School Council we can talk about what we would like to make school even better" Grace