Day of Action for Climate Change Parents and pupils may be aware that Friday 20th September will mark another day of global action and protest, to raise awareness and understanding of the many complex issues surrounding global Climate Change. Kernow Learning Trust recognises the vital importance of educating our pupils about the developing climate emergency, and have committed as a Trust to ensuring that all of our schools work to ensure that our pupils know that they are Global Citizens with a responsibility for our global environment. Every school in the Trust has a ‘Global Learning’ Leader and all schools are currently engaging in training to deliver ‘Global Learning’ to their staff. We cannot encourage pupils to be absent from school on this Friday, due to our duty of care for our pupils, but we have decided to enable pupils to show their solidarity with the Climate Change movement through a series of initiatives in our schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead. Our schools will teach more about the challenges that we face through issues such as plastic pollution, recycling and saving energy. We are very proud to have Eden as a member of our Trust and so consideration of the challenges that will face our children’s generation, and how they can influence future developments through their actions is never far from our Trust discussions.

January 2019

What an amazing start to our Spring Term!
Our topic this term is Romans, to link with this we have been writing our own battle scene stories in Literacy. Some of these are nail biting and the characters sound very fierce and horrifying. 
In Maths we have been focusing on our times tables, most recently learning our 12 times table. A trick we learnt was that 12x is the same as 10x + 2x. 12 = 10+2. This trick helped us to work out our 12 times table. 
Most recently we have had a Science Topic Day. We were learning all about electricity. This included identifying electrical hazards and explaining why they might be a hazard. You should never put any liquid on or near an electrical appliance or let a pet chew a wire! A great resource for this is Switched on Kids.
We also identified different appliances that use main power electricity compared to appliances that use batteries. We had some wonderful suggestions such as car keys, clocks, calculators, remotes that use batteries. 
Alongside this we created our very own electrical circuits, lighting up a bulb or LED or a motor with a fan attached. We predicted if the circuit diagram provided would cause the light to light up or not and then investigated whether it would. This was very exciting as there were some circuits that were provided that did not work. 
Finally we investigated different materials that were either conductors (allowed electricity to pass through) or insulators (did not allow electricity through). Some of the results surprised us, for instance we thought that a pencil would be a conductor but actually it wasn't!
Some of the things we learnt are:
- you need a complete circuit for the light to light up
- you need a battery (or other source of electricity) to provide the 'energy' for the light to light up
- there is a + and a - side to a battery
Overall we had a wonderful day and can't wait to complete some more Science experiments.