Spring Term 1 2020

This term our overall topic has been a Roald Dahl. Our topic was kicked off with Roald Dahl day where we made fizz popping jelly and designed packaging for it. We also made horrible Mr Twit beards and Enormous Crocodiles. We enjoyed leaving some of the 250 words that Roald Dahl made up.
We have done some fantastic writing based on The Twits - we have been describing the disgusting Mr Twit thinking carefully about our language choices. We started by learning a description of him which we later preformed in our X Factor talk for writing competition with the rest of Key Stage 1 and Early Years - we did amazingly and won with 27 points! Go Holywell! We have also been focusing on writing a description of our character’a setting too. Mrs Dalton has been very impressed with the adjectives we have chosen to use. 

Our Art has also been inspired by Roald Dahl so we have been looking at the illustrations in his books drawn by Quentin Blake. We have tried drawing in the same style and we’ve been learning how to sketch. Quentin coloured his illustrations using ‘dipping pens’ and ink so we had a go ourselves using felt tip pens dipped in water - it created a great water colour effect. We also drew illustrations to go with an extract from The Twits.
In History we have been learning about the local tradition of Hurling. We’ve learnt so much we didn’t know already and have been excited to find out more. Many of us have made our own hurling balls as part of our homework too. Some of us are particularly excited about it happening again this year on Shrove Tuesday. We’ve learnt all about the old traditions of dipping the silver ball in beer or cocoa and we have also made our own predictions about how we think hurling will change in 20 years time. 

We’ve had a fantastic time in Science this half term conducting lots of experiments. Our parents joined us for our colour experiments to see what happens when we add warm water to skittles - everyone was so excited to see the results and it looked fantastic! See our photos. We’ve also made predictions about what would happen when putting raisins in still and fizzy water - they danced up and down in the fizzy water. We’ve ended our science making telephones, testing whether sound would travel better through string or wool. Again we had some great predictions and so much fun trying this out. We also showed amazing team work and perseverance when threading the wool and string which was tricky!