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February 2019

We have had a wonderful February, particularly our Topic Day where we learnt lots about Romans and the Roman Empire. 
During our Topic Day we learnt about the houses (or villas) that Romans lived in, the different rooms including kitchen, shrine, atrium (large hallway with a glass ceiling, only rich Romans would have an atrium). Most surprising was no bathroom! The Romans went to The Baths to wash, sharing a bath with other people and using a Strigil to scrape off the dirt, sweat and oils from their skin!
We also learnt about how clever the Romans were, inventing all sorts of things we still use today, such as roads, cement, aquaducts and toilets. Even though the toilets did not flush and they didn't use toilet roll!
We also explored the different Roman Emperors and the different years they ruled. Julius Caesar was the first main ruler, he was not an Emperor but a General in the army, Caligula and Hadrian (who built a wall!). 
As part of Geography we looked at how the Romans invaded Europe and how quickly they conquered most of Europe. The poor Celts didn't stand a chance. 
During the afternoon we had fun creating 3D chariots, and designing our own mosaic. Only rich Romans would have mosaics, some of these were so detailed they contained millions of pieces. 
During the day we also went up to the top field to lay some coins on to a helicopter shape.We were raising money for the Air Ambulance. They are trying to buy a new helicopter as their current one is loaned and now a bit old. They have a target of raising £2.5 million by 2020. We donated so many coins as a school the money is still being counted. 
All in all February has been an exciting month, learning different multiplication laws and tricks to help us learn our times tables and starting to research our own musician to write a biography about. 
Don't forget we are now swimming Friday afternoons, so bring in your swimming kit. 
Other important dates:
School Topic Day: Tuesday 5th March - school uniform to be worn
World Book Day is Thursday 7th March - come dressed as your favourite book character
National Science week: 8th-17th March
Red Nose Day - Friday 15th March, we are dressing in red and are joining in with the 'Move n Groove'.