Reception Graduation Wednesday 24th July 9am..............Year 6 Graduation Thursday 25th July 9 am.............Last Day of term Thursday 25th July 2 pm.

February 2019

This month we have been busy as always with a snow day thrown in too! 
We were very excited by the snow arriving and got outside for a quick play whilst it was beginning to set! Everyone was very excited with stories to tell when we came back on the following Monday including a few of us eating tea at school together!
We have had a great Science topic this half term completing experiments and investigations. We made cup telephones and tested whether a paper or plastic cup was better and then we tested whether it worked better with short or long string. There was mixed thoughts on which was better!
We also tested what happens when you mix skittles with warm water which created a fantastic rainbow of colours! Then we investigated to see what happens when we add raisins to still water and fizzy water. We made great predictions - the raisin would turn into a grape, the water would turn in to juice and the raisin would float or sink.
Since  coming back after half term we have launched our new topic of Explorers using the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and we have started learning about different explorers including Christopher Columbus. We look forward to finding out about some astronauts.
On March  5th it is St Piran's day, we will  be doing our learning based around Hurling including making our own hurling balls. We have enjoyed finding out about the local history of Hurling and we were lucky to have Mrs Nash come in and talk to us all about it then we went outside and had a mini game of Hurling with a tinfoil ball!
Then on Thursday the 7th March it is World Book Day - we will be dressing up as book characters!