Happy Summer Holiday - keep safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing children and families back to school on Thursday 5th September 2019

February 2019

Portcothan have had a very busy and eventful month, especially with the heavy downfall of snow!
In Maths this month we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have learnt about the meanings of the symbols to show more and less and have explored different words which can mean add or take away. We used objects to help us find our answer, by starting with the whole amount and then taking values away or having two parts which when added together make a new whole. We have also used pictures, to represent different values to add or to cross out when taking away. 

Later in the month we looked at Place Value. The children have been solving problems using their knowledge of numbers to 50 and then 100. We have learnt about the value of each digit in two digit numbers and have been reading, identifying and writing them. We have also been ordering numbers from smallest to largest by looking at the value of the digit representing the tens and ones. We are now working on solidifying our knowledge of the 2's, 5's and 10's times table- we have recently learnt new actions using our body to help us count... ask your child if they can teach you too!

In Literacy, we learnt the journey story 'Meerkat Mail'. The children rehearsed the story using our story map to help them become familiar with new vocabulary, sentence composition and the structure of a journey story. The children learnt to sequence the story in order of events and discussed the different places visited in the story and considered how the character felt at different stages of the story. The children later used their own ideas to create their own 'Journey' story whereby something new happened on each day of the week.

Mid way through the month we had our topic day- 'All About Me!' whereby the children came to school dressed in clothes that they felt represented 'themselves'; some were dancers, others were footballers, or many came in their favourite items of clothing to celebrate how different and unique they all are as individuals. We had a wonderful day writing poems, drawing self portraits and celebrating each other.
Across all aspects of learning we have been considering how health; talking about our mental health and lots of different emotions that people can feel. We discussed times when we may feel a particular emotion and what can help overcome them. We talked about trusted adults in and out of school ,who will want to help support us, as well as our friends. We have touched on our mindset and how this can impact on how successful we can be at something. We will continue to talk about mindset next month.
The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing our learning with parents during our 'Parent Open Afternoon'; thank you to those who were able to make it. The children learnt about how people across the world have similarities and differences to the way that many live in the United Kingdom. The children listened to a story about a little girl who was celebrating the Chinese New Year. We discussed how they celebrate this special time if year and if it is similar to any celebrations that they might have enjoyed. The children had a go at writing their own name in Chinese, created Chinese dragons using different materials, made a wish for the new year and sequenced the story. 
In PE we have been playing outdoor games and working on boosting our fitness levels by regular physical activity. The  children have learnt to move quickly in different directions, work as a team and use their body to respond swiftly to an instruction.We have taken time to notice our breathing and feeling before, during and after exercise. 
We finished the month by doing our bit to help others. We were lucky to have a special visitor in to school to talk to us about the Cornwall Air Ambulance and how it helps many people who find themselves in danger and in need of medical help. The children learnt that Cornwall is in need of a new air ambulance and as a school we agreed to help as much as we could. The children generously donated money and used the coins, with the rest of the school, to create a mosaic helicopter! 
What a fantastic month of learning,creativity, discussion and exploration!