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Creating Displays for Children to be Proud of…

A school is like a giant canvas, a space for endless opportunities to create, inspire and make a mark in the world.

Creating a place that children can engage and respect is important to any child’s happiness and development on their journey through school. Here at St Columb Major Academy, we take pride in how our school looks and so I’d like to introduce myself as the schools new display co-ordinator.

I’m Alice Povey, a 1:1 TA here at school and also a freelance illustrator, specialising in children’s book illustration. Having always loved the art of children’s picture books and storytelling, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of a community where the children are at its’ heart. In my previous projects, I have enjoyed finding exciting ways to bring subjects to life, create characters and invent places. Moving to creating displays at school has given a positively different dimension to my illustrative practice and it has been an inspiration too. In having direct contact with the children to help and talk about their work and give them a sense of pride by creating considered displays has been very rewarding.

In the coming months this blog will give you an insight into how the school’s looking, what the children are up to and a few creative bits and bobs along the way. We are looking forward to sharing our creative journey with you, as we aim to showcase the very best of the pupils and the amazing things they can do.

We’d also love to hear and see any art and craft projects the children are getting up to at home, so please do get in touch.

Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden
Last term, Year 1 craft club was very busy indeed! The children’s project was to make a 2x1m tapestry of the Garden of Eden to grace a wall in the hall. The children where a real delight and made such beautiful fabric butterflies, flowers, leaves and bees to create all the elements that make up the larger tapestry. They worked so hard and made their classes very proud.

Noah’s Ark
Following on from an amazing Year 1 craft club, we have had an amazing second group from Year 2. This time, the children had the chance to make a cushion on the theme of the animals of Noah’s Ark. They each selected an animal and colour of the rainbow, and using beautiful bright fabric pens, made some amazing designs. With the help of Mrs Tremain and Miss Povey, they got the fantastic opportunity to see their cushions being sown on a sewing machine, followed by a fun filled hour of stuffing them. And what a display it all came to be, a huge Noah’s Ark floating through the corridors. The reception children particularly loved it, wanting to know all about what the older children have been up to. What a rewarding four week project!

Mural Update:
The KS2 staircase mural is slowly but surely making its way down the stairs. All the murals content has been chosen by the children themselves and it’s been great to take the inspiration and work it into a personal approach for the school. We know have a chocolate fountain cascading down the stairs, collecting the queen’s crown and jewels along the way. We have lick-able wallpaper, (real I wish!) and Gangsta Granny making her appearance in town. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this project and the process of creating it. Aside from making the corridor a creative and fun place, our aim is to inspire the children who walk through it. To create a narrative to absorb them as the move past each mural, so when they sit at their desks, they feel that they have been part of a different world, creating new narrative to inspire their own narrative writing or art.

Displays in Pictures:
We are coming to the end of the summer term here at school and the children have once again produced some beautiful work, which the staff have beautifully displayed around the school for all to admire. Here are a few photos of how the school is looking currently:

Mural Update:
It’s coming towards the end of the school year and “The Invention Room” to accompany “The Chocolate Room” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has become the newest addition to the stair well. It’s been great to see the top end transform itself. Next shall see a sea flooding the bottom of the stairs.

Do take a look at our Display slideshow!!
'The Tudors' with Class 13
This term, Class 13 have been learning all about The Tudors. They have been studying Henry VIII and looking at the Battle of Bosworth. The children really enjoyed creating comic strips about the battle, which are now on display in their classroom.

So, what is the story behind the Battle of Bosworth? The Wars of the Roses was a thirty year power struggle between The House of York and The House of Lancaster and is thought by many to have ended with The Battle of Bosworth on the 22nd August 1485. This battle, fought on a hillside in Leicestershire, was a fight over who should be King of England. The death of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king saw an end to one dynasty, but it saw the birth of new one, whose name was taken from the victor at Bosworth, Henry Tudor. Henry’s famous son was King Henry VIII.

The children have visited Pendennis Castle, to explore the Tudor remains and history of the location. It sounds like a fascinating topic of work that Mr Cornish and Class 13 have learning about.

"The Art of Meditation" with Class 6
Class 6 have been learning all about Buddhism this term. They now know how meditation is used to create a calm and peaceful sense within the body and mind and how Buddhists use meditation to think more clearly and feel more connected to the world. The children listened to calming music and had a go at meditating.

They learnt the importance of having a quiet and calm environment to meditate in and discussed where would be the best place for them to meditate or just to have time to think.

The children were asked to think about what they could see in their minds when they were meditating and to paint a picture to show this. Some children saw real objects and others painted more abstract shapes. We had some fascinating results ...