Spring Term 1 2020

It’s been an exciting term in Year 6 which kicked off the New Year nicely! We have been studying pollution. Linked to this, in Literacy we focused on non-chronological reports based around the Blue Planet 2 series. We really got into this and truly immersed ourselves. As part of this unit, and to link into our pollution topic, we visited the National Aquarium at Plymouth. This was a fantastic day. Once we arrived, we went on a guided tour. There were so many exciting parts to this, but Mr Bradley’s favourite was watching the sharks in the shark tunnel.

After a quick lunch, we did a workshop. We started by using the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to go on an underwater dive. Here, we saw sperm whales and giant squid fighting! Next we looked at the contents of a sperm whale’s stomachs. We couldn’t believe how much plastic was in there. We used our trip to support us in creating our own non-chronological report.


In Numeracy, we have covered fractions and decimals. Here we looked at the relationship between the two and different reasoning and problem solving questions. More recently, some of us have been looking at percentages. We started by looking at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. Now we have been learning about how to find percentages of amounts.