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June 2019

June 2019 BLOG YEAR 6 



This month in our Science/D.T. Topic has been focusing on creating Anderson shelters, we started this project quite a while ago in April, this month we have concentrated on what materials and shapes we could use to design our own Anderson shelter. To conclude our Anderson shelter topic we have made our own shelters by using materials we tested earlier in the month. Our other topic this month was electrical circuits, we had to make a working circuit at first but then we had to come up with an idea to make a toy with a working circuit inside of it. This was very hard at first but when we came to do it, it wasn’t too difficult.


In Art this month, we have been focusing on learning how to draw very detailed portraits. We watched a video on YouTube to learn how to draw a detailed face. Once we learnt how to do this we attempted to draw a self-portrait and concentrating on all the details on your face and trying to make it as best as possible. Then these pictures will go with our letters we have written in Literacy.


In Literacy this month we looked at a suspense clip about the Lord of the Rings. First we just wrote a paragraph every literacy lesson to make an innovated version of the battle scene in the Lord of the Rings. Eventually we wrote our draft of our innovated text. After that we were looking at writing a text about a water fight. That text was written about the pupils going against the teachers and making it sound like as if it was a very dramatic battle between two kingdoms. Very recently we started writing letters to our future classmates in our new secondary schools which will go with our self-portraits.


In Maths this month we have been doing several different categories, such as: time, angles and geometry. In time, we have recapped over the difference between digital and twelve hour clocks. In angles we have been using protractors to measure in angles and find the angles of different shapes. In geometry we were looking at vertices, edges and faces. Also we have been looking at what different shapes were called.