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wkending 23.3.18


This week in maths, we looked at some past sats papers; splitting into different groups to do our work. We also learnt to: times, divide, subtract and add fractions together, whole numbers too. Grace quoted, “I found the papers challenging, though I did enjoy them.”


This week in literacy, we planned out and wrote our own stories. The original, was about a lighthouse that was very helpful to the town. In our shared write we planned out a text of our own that was about a signal box in a train station. After this, we wrote our own parts to our story. Olivia recited, “I found it very hard but since I had help from Mr Bradley my work was epic!”


This week in geography, we learnt about maps and drew our own of Cornwall. We also learnt about different symbols. Evie stated, “It was hard at first but I now find it easy.”