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wkending 23.2.18


This week in literacy we have been planning and writing up our own versions of the text Catch a lot. Sophia quoted “I had a lot of fun writing my own story of Catch a lot.” First we boxed up the text that Mr Bradley kindly wrote to help us; then we worked as a class to write the introduction. Finally, we wrote our own stories.


This week in maths we looked at the mean average. Grace quoted,” I loved doing the mean average because it tested my knowledge.” We also got split up into groups with the other year 6 class and did our maths packs Olivia explained,” They are very helpful in preparing us for SATS- and they are very fun.”


On Monday, we did netball we got into teams and played a proper game of netball. While some of us played netball the other teams were practising passing and shooting. After we finished are games of netball we all played a fun game of cat and mouse. On Friday, we were learning gymnastics and today we were doing rolls.


In science, we did an experiment to see how refraction works. First we did an experiment called ‘Amazing Arrows’ So technically you just have to draw an arrow onto a piece of paper and then fill up a plastic cup with water. Then you have to hold the picture of an arrow behind the cup of water then you see the difference of what refraction can do. The other one is called ‘Fantastic Pictures.’ For this one you will have to have two plastic cups one full of water. Next you have to draw any picture you like. Finally place the drawing under the empty cup and slowly pour in the water from the full cup into the one with the picture under it. Happily you will slowly see refraction working.

Overall it has been a great week in Constantine I can’t wait to come back on Monday for another exiting adventure.         

By Olivia Coomer and Sophia Frith