In line with government guidance, from September we will be welcoming all registered pupils to our schools.

Autumn 2 -2019

The Great Fire of London

On Wednesday 6th November we visited our local fire station. We took over model houses, churches and bakeries and recreated the Great Fire of London. FireFighter Hearn used firelighters to start the blaze in our bakery. The fire quickly took hold and just like in 1666 the wind blew the fire onto the adjoining buildings. As the fire spread the excitement grew! St Paul's Cathedral was the final building to fall in our recreation. 
During the re-enactment we talked about what we could remember and Mrs Milsom was amazed by all the facts we could recall. Firefighter Hearn talked to us about fire safety and then we got the chance to squirt the hoses. It was a great trip and we excitedly recounted the event in our writing when we got back to school. 
We linked our learning in History to our work in DT by looking at how we could join materials to create our Great Fire of London models. We looked at houses from 1666 and tried to recreate their designs. 
In Art we have been looking at how the Great Fire of London was represented in 1666 and in the present day. We used different mediums to show the Great Fire of London.