St Columb Major Academy is now open for Keyworker and vulnerable children

Autumn 1 - 2019

We have had an exciting start to the year in Year 5. The children have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and have worked hard to remember the key facts. We learnt about Sutton Hoo and the burial ground of the ancient Saxon ship that was found in a field. We learnt all about archaeologists and how they search for evidence from the artefacts that they find.
We had a Music Day. We learnt all about the music from the 1960's. We focused on the Beach Boys and learnt about their history, their style of music and how it changed over time. We learnt two songs, 'Surfin' USA' and 'God Only Knows'. We recorded a performance and played it in an assembly.
We have had our Harvest Festival. We all brought in gifts for the local Food Bank. Our service in the church was another chance for us to perform. We showed our song and poem to the parents as we celebrated Harvest. In class we learnt about Zero Hunger and the issues we have in the world to solve. Not everyone has the amount of food that we do. 
We have participated in a Healthy and Active week. We learnt how to make smoothies, we experienced Crossbow, Street Surfing and Dance. We learnt aspects of keeping healthy and how we can keep fit. We invited Maisie Hill in to tell us all about being an Olympic Snow Boarder. She inspired us to persevere even when things are hard.
We have been learning Football Skills in PE. We talked about balance and strength. We practised passing in groups and playing as a team. We learnt some of the rules and how to be a good goalkeeper. It was exciting being together as a year group and working with different children.
Our Global Learning Day was a great success. We all brought in something that we have from another country. We found where it came from on the world map. We had to present it to the class and talk all about how we have it. We learnt a lot about the world from each other. We had a amazing assembly about Richard Lander and labelled the world map in the hall with all the things the teachers had brought in.