Autumn 1 - 2019

What a fantastic start the children in Porth class have made. They are now very well settled and exploring the environment well. We have started our Read Write Inc phonics and the children are learning 4 new sounds a week. They are remembering them well and practicing writing letters each day. We have been practicing building words with magnetic letters, reading words and even writing words. 
The children have been learning to tell the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' We have added actions and used a picture story map to help us remember it. 
The children have been carrying out lots of counting and number practice. We have been working hard on how to count accurately and talked about different strategies to ensure we are correct each time. The children have been learning to recognise numerals and to match the correct numeral to the quantity. We have also been learning the months of the year and the days of the week. We have songs to help us remember the order. The link is below if you would like to sing along at home. Sorry it does get stuck in your head!
We have started the year with our topic of Autumn. This has been very exciting. The children have been on an Autumn walk, painted Autumn pictures and carried out lots of other Autumn craft activities for our open afternoon with parents. The children have also been learning about what animals do during Autumn and have made their own hedgehogs with their parents during our open morning. We have also made homes for our hedgehogs in our forest school site. We thought about what this home would need to keep the hedgehogs warm, dry and safe. 
We had a visit from a volunteer from the hedgehog hospital, 'Prickles and Paws.' The children learnt lots of information about hedgehogs and the good work they do at the hedgehog hospital. The children have decided to carryout some fundraising activities after half term too.
We have been dancing in PE this half term and the children have been thinking hard about how to move their bodies in different ways and how to move with the music. We have practiced with fast and slow music and watched each other to learn and share new skills. We finished with an Autumn dance. The children had to move like leaves falling from a tree and finished by lying on the ground. 
The children enjoyed dressing in yellow for #hello yellow day. We talked about different emotions we feel, when and why we feel these and what we can do to help our minds feel happy and healthy. 
The children enjoyed trying lots of different sporting activities in active and healthy week. They tried urban polo, lacrosse, cross bow, dancing and lots of forest school activities. We also made and tried different smoothies and voted on our favourite. 
We look forward to starting our new topic next half term on light and dark.