St Columb Major ACE Academy

St Columb Major Ace Academy

...where we are Happy. Hardworking. Successful.

A Welcome from the Head

St Columb Major Academy is recognised as being an outstanding Academy where the Mission statement ‘Happy, Hard-working, Successful’ is clear for all to see in the fantastic learning culture that exists, where everyone is valued and encouraged to be the best that they can’
‘Pupils' exceptional achievement starts from the moment they enter in the Reception Year -Teaching is outstanding, consistently challenging pupils to achieve very well’ (OfSTED inspection 2012)

Helping every child achieve more….

We are passionate about helping every child who comes through our doors to appreciate the excitement and fun of learning; recognising their strengths, their gifts, and their talents. We believe that the education we provide will help all our children to become happy, hard-working and successful. We believe everything we do at St Columb Major Academy should contribute to that aim, an aim which extends to all members of the school community not just our pupils & staff but parents and the wider community.
We are very proud of the dedication and commitment of all our staff who together with the help of parents, friends, governors, Friends of St Columb Major Academy, our valued volunteers and those in the wider community who work hard to support us – all playing a part in our children’s future.
We feel confident that the education children will receive here at St Columb will be of the highest quality. Here on our website, we hope you will find the information which will help you understand more about St Columb Major Academy, its’ aims and aspirations.... and much more!

Antus Phillips

Richard Hooton
Chair of Governors
Mrs Michelle Hall has been appointed as Associate Headteacher here at St Columb Major Academy for the academic year 2016-17