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Let's all stay safe & have a happy holiday!

From a grandparent:    I was driving down my road and to my horror four small people rode out of a side turning across the front of my car, I had to slam on my brakes and managed to stop less than two foot away from them, it really shook me up, & it also shook them!  but just imagine this... when I got out of my car to speak to them  I found one of them was my very own eight year old grandson. How would I have felt, heaven forbid, had I not been able to stop. So please please please with the holidays starting, maybe this can be shared with all parents, grandparents, friends & relatives...then maybe?  just maybe..  we can keep our little people safe and everybody will have a happy holiday, 

Here at St Columb Major Academy - we are:

Happy : Hardworking : Successful

'St Columb Major Academy is recognised as being an outstanding Academy where the Mission statement ‘Happy, Hard-working, Successful’ is clear for all to see in the fantastic learning culture that exists, where everyone is valued and encouraged to be the best that they can’

 (Ofsted 2012)

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